Let's Find a New Place to Park

Explore Bike Share is now seeking public submissions for real estate opportunities to accommodate our 2018  launch and ongoing operations.  

We have valued and prioritized transparency through all aspects of our journey, and this part of the process is no different. There is immense potential for activating spaces to build, operate, and maintain Memphis' incoming fleet of bikes, and we want to make sure that everyone has the chance to share and seize this opportunity.

Bike Share Headquarters

Explore Bike Share's permanent headquarters, which will host a full-time staff and maintenance shop, will be occupied beginning in January 2018. The headquarters should be within Explore Bike Share’s initial service area, which spans from Binghampton and Orange Mound through Midtown and Downtown, as well as South Memphis and Uptown neighborhoods.
Specifications are as follows:

  • Climate-controlled maintenance shop space with four work stations, preferably connected to office but able to segregate
  • Space expansion opportunities
  • Space for battery charging station
  • Minimum 6,000 square feet
  • Central location within Explore Bike Share initial service area
  • Ground-floor entrance with bay door
  • Overnight parking for 2 vans
  • Climate-controlled office space with conference room for 7 full-time employees

Submit real estate opportunities to info@explorebikeshare.com.